WEEE Compliance

Background to WEEE compliance

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive imposes several obligations upon producers of electrical and electronic equipment.

Atos, as a producer of WEEE, noteably in the area of ticketing equipment, maintains legal compliance, and the following text outlines our approach to fulfillig these obligations.

Registration Details


Atos Worldline UK Limited is registered with the UK Environment Agency, with Producer Registration Number: WEE/EH4475RU.


Prior to the end of 2013, our EEE was produced by Atos IT Services UK Limited which was formerly registered with the UK Environment Agency, with Producer Registration Number: WEE/HG3021VY. This registration is now dissolved.


The former Siemens Information Systems business, acquired by Atos during 2011, was formerly registered as Producer Registration Number: WEE/KB0054TQ. This registration is now dissolved.


From hereon, reference to our obligations under each registration is referred to under the name Atos UK.

WEEE Marking

All Atos UK products that are subject to the WEEE Directive from August 13th 2005 are compliant with the WEEE requirements. Such products are marked with the “crossed out wheelie bin” WEEE symbol along with our Unique Producer Identification Mark (UPIM) shown below in accordance with European Standard EN 50419.

Atos Weee Marking Atos Logo

Information for Users

This presence of the above symbols on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with normal office or household waste. Unless specifically agreed within contractual terms, you should contact Atos UK via your Account Director through your normal route, and arrange for the collection of this WEEE for appropriate environmentally sound disposal.


Atos UK confirms that treatment and recycling of WEEE done on behalf of Atos UK, either by a collective scheme or individually, is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the WEEE Directive, as set out in the implementing legislation of the member states, including requirements respecting special treatment for specified parts and overall recovery rates achieved.

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