Transforming our workplace

Developing a world class workplace: Wellbeing@work

Atos is committed to being a great place to work that inspires a new generation of Business Technologists to innovate for our customers. Guided by the principles of our Wellbeing@work
programme, we are transforming the working environment for all our employees.


Since 2010, Atos’ global transformation programme, Wellbeing@work, has been developing initiatives and activities to encourage new ways of working, intensively using new technologies while matching the social expectations of employees and the ‘Y generation'.

Milestones in 2012 are the following ones :


  • Smart Campus: following the successful trial at the Atos Headquarters in Bezons, France, the concept began to be rolled out at other main Atos locations, including Atos Pune, India.
  • Employees can use the Atos Bring Your Own Device secure solution for both smartphones/ tablets as well as PCs/laptops for all interested employees.
  • Our remote working programme offered more flexibility to around 20,000 employees; 4,000 teleworkers with a formal contract to work at home and about 16,000 who work as teleworkers from a variety of locations.
  • Over 3,000 e-learning modules are available for employees and more than 5,273 modules have been successfully completed.
  •  We welcomed 12,864 new employees in 2012.6,039 new joiners have taken part in introduction days and 4,187 have attended local CEO lunch or breakfast sessions.
  • 24 countries took part in the Great Place to Work survey in 2012, involving 41,081 employees who took part in the survey, which is 54% of our workforce.
  • Recognition and Reward programmes awarded over 6,500 employees for outstanding or inspiring behavior and achievements.
  • Almost 6,000 employees received help and advice to create a better work / life balance.
  • To support our Zero email™ ambition we implemented blueKiwi, our social business network to encourage business communities to collaborate more efficiently and drastically reduce e-mail overload. All 76,400 employees will collaborate in communities by the end of 2013.


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