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Atos interacts closely with all its stakeholders in order to grow as a company in line with its values and commitments towards corporate responsibility. It is part of our collaborative culture to involve stakeholders when we design our range of services and solutions. That is why Atos is committed to standards such as the AA1000 Standards and the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines demonstrating its leadership in terms of social responsibility. Our program is defined, prioritized and monitored each year taking into account our stakeholders’ expectations and our business activities. We make every effort to improve the factors that contribute to our economic, environmental and social impact. Stakeholder’s dialogue plays a critical role to share best practices, stimulate debates and build our Corporate Responsibility program.


create an interactive dialogue

Atos’ corporate responsibility process is supported by ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders, including clients, employees, partners and suppliers, communities and public authorities.

Atos sets up its annual Global Stakeholders Meeting to be constantly in dialogue with stakeholders and aware of their concerns that build our Corporate Responsibility program accordingly.
In 2014, the one-day meeting focused on innovation in three work streams: data protection, operational efficiency, and social impact. High-level experts recognized in the field of Corporate Responsibility contributed to the discussions.

Atos was also the partner of the Global Conference 2015 Xth edition organized by Planet Workshops in July 2015 at the Domaine de Chantilly. The Atos Group participated as speakers explaining how innovative technology is at the heart of the sustainable rupture. Atos’ ideas are included in the 3 days Global Conference 2015 synthesis available in French and in English.


participate at the land of african business


In 2015, Atos supported the LAB’s event (Land of African business) organized by Planet Workshops. More than 200 stakeholders were present on Friday, December 4th to the Digital Day. This event took place at Paris during the COP 21. Discussions focused on how digital solutions are designed for a more responsible economy in Africa contributing to a global transformation of the continent.

be inspired by our scientific community

The Scientific Community is Atos’ 100 leading scientific people. They anticipate future challenges of our clients and design solutions that benefit them and society at large.

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Digital Day

Atos invites you on December 4th, 2015 to the Digital Transformation of Africa
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Global Conference 2015 “All actors of rupture” including Atos’ ideas.

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