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2010-2020 is being referred to as the Decade of Volatility by many. Put simply, organisations can either seek out opportunities, learn to adapt, evolve and flourish in these transformative times, or hold on to old models, old ways of thinking, cracking and dying under the pressure of dynamic change.

To help businesses transform into a “Firm of the Future”, Atos has developed a strategy to help its clients transform to a sustainable, collaborative and adaptive organisation addressing both strategic and operational levels and the supporting infrastructure.

Atos’ Sustainability portfolio is mapped on to 3 focus areas:

  • Strategy: solutions that help evolve our clients’ business models from a Firm of The Past to a Firm of The Future
  • Operations: solutions that enable Sustainable Operational Excellence
  • Infrastructure: solutions that embed sustainable platforms, infrastructure and technologies

In each area we provide leading innovative solutions. Taken separately or as a complete portfolio, Atos provides the innovation, solution-focus and long-term partnership approach to ensure that our clients adapt and flourish in these increasingly volatile times.


Enabling Sustainable Operational Excellence


Increasing regulatory pressure; rising input costs; globalisation leading to increased complexity and competition; increased speed to market; etc, are just some of the mounting pressures our clients’ businesses face. We believe that Sustainable Operational Excellence is fundamental for any client seeking to still operate in 3-5 years time. As a result Atos provides fit for purpose solutions in all of the following aspects of Sustainable Operational Excellence:

  • Energy, Waste, Water and Resource Management
  • Sustainability Performance Management – Intelligent Sustainability
  • Maintenance Excellence
  • Governance Risk & Compliance, REACH
  • Sustainable Product Lifecycle Management

Embedding sustainability into the DNA of our clients’ operations, so that sustainability metrics are part and parcel of the day-to-day decision making process, helps ensure our clients gain a competitive advantage and succeeds in these challenging times. In this emergent space Atos works collaboratively with leading software providers. For example, we work closely with SAP in all of the above aspects of Sustainable Operational Excellence.


Putting a Sustainable Infrastructure at the Heart of our Clients’ Operations


A core part of Atos’ business is running infrastructures based on long-term partnerships with its clients. As the pressure mounts for our clients to adapt and evolve, it is paramount that Atos can provide innovation as well as a tried and trusted service. For Atos, IT is an enabler for change rather than an inhibiter as it is often experienced.

This means that balancing innovation, openness and adaption with secure, reliable platforms is core to what we do. The key aspects of our Sustainable IT portfolio are:

  • Atos WorldGrid – A world leader in Smart Energy and Utilities (electricity, oil & gas and water, etc), Atos WorldGrid focuses on offering smart energy solutions around production, transport, distribution and retail, to enable energy efficiencies and increase sustainability, while improving operational performance. Smart grid and smart meter technologies are an important part of the transformation towards a more sustainable future. This is an area that Atos Origin excels in.
  • Worldline is a world leader in providing the infrastructure to run transaction services in sustainable ways and improve the financial transaction systems securitisation.
  • Green IT – To ensure that the IT function runs as sustainably as possible, Atos provides solutions ranging from Green Data Centres through to Green IT Strategies.
  • Ambition Carbon Free – Atos has a unique offer to measure, manage, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of aspects of its clients’ infrastructure (not limited to IT, but covering all aspects of the business).

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