Our Sustainability Journey

Atos’ ambition and vision is to be recognised as a world leader in providing innovative IT solutions to help its clients become more sustainable.


Atos wants to become ‘best in class’ not only for its own operations but also in the way it serves its clients. By embedding sustainability in our own company as part of the Group’s DNA, we automatically ensure that it is similarly embedded in all the propositions we make to our clients.




Atos’ Corporate Responsibility programme, launched in 2009 as part of the Group’s TOP programme is overseen by the Group's General Secretary reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Thierry Breton.

All corporate responsibility strategic decisions, investments, partnerships are presented and discussed on a regular basis at the Atos Executive Committee level. In 2010 a Sustainability office was put in place. Under the responsibility of the General Secretary, it is composed of an international team of around 15 people including 10 countries heads of corporate responsibility as well as service lines representatives.

Atos’ sustainability programme mission is developed in four different domains of action:

  • Governance, Ethics & Compliance
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Business Development

Atos communicates regularly with its stakeholders in order to alert, mobilise and identify their main issues. In 2010, the Group launched a materiality process of social and environmental key performance indicators in order to identify the challenges considered by the market and its main stakeholders as key for Atos to be managed and communicated in its Corporate Responsibility report.


Our Commitments


Based on continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, the Group has drawn up a number of key commitments. During 2010, Atos continued to focus on implementing actions and programmes and followed its sustainability programme roadmap in order to:

  • Operate in compliance with sustainable best practices and international standards and anticipate new European regulations
  • Continue to invest in and develop our People, contribute to their well being at work, and commit to good corporate responsibility
  • Improve our environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 15% by 2012 from our 2008 position and within comparable scope
  • Support our clients on their journey toward environmental excellence
  • Undertake proactive dialogs with our main stakeholders

Our Achievements


Below is a selection of the key achievements in 2010:

  • Support to the United Nations Global Compact
  • Complying with best reporting standards
  • Showing leadership in Sustainable IT
  • Continuing the Group’s Green transformation - Improving our environmental performance
  • The first global IT company to offer carbon neutral hosting services
  • Adhesion to the European Code of Conduct
  • Deploying Green Policies worldwide to reduce the impact of our activities
  • Environmental Certification (ISO14001) roll-out

Sustainable Supply Chain


One of the key elements of the sustainable purchasing strategy consists of securing the supply chain in order to control the risk that our suppliers expose us, and also our clients, to.

In this respect, we have developed a partnership with Ecovadis, a company specialising in sustainable purchasing solutions, to assess the sustainable performance of our suppliers. The assessment consists of selecting a group of suppliers each year and evaluating their level of compliancy with best practices.

In 2010 we have also looked at ways of:

  • Reinforcing supplier relationship management
  • Promoting best practices with suppliers
  • Mobilising and involving the purchasing community
  • Reporting and monitoring Sustainability within suppliers

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