Environmental Sustainability Charter

Atos Sustainability Character

What does Environmental Sustainability mean to Atos?


Atos understands the importance of working in harmony with our environment. As a leading IT services company, we are aware that our activities, and IT services in general, play a full role in people’s day-to-day life around the world, and can make a real contribution to creating long-term value to society at large.

We are committed to minimising our consumption, optimising our resources and disposing responsibly.

Atos Sustainability Logo

What we do as a company

  • Buy from suppliers with strong sustainability credentials
  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling.        

How we help our clients

Ensure technology is instrumental in achieving their own wider sustainability objectives

  • Support their sustainability initiatives ensuring they make good business sense

  • Help establish how sustainable they are today, so they can plan and prioritise for tomorrow.

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