Carbon neutral hosting services

Carbon neutral data centres: a distinctive initiative

In 2011, Atos implemented a programme with the ambition to be considered as the leading IT company in power management and carbon abatement strategy. Atos’ environmental strategy gives primary focus to 13 strategic countries (Austria Belgium, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA).

Our approach is to act on the following levers: 


  • Consolidate our Data Centres to give more efficient sites following the incorporation with Siemens IT Solution and Services. 
  • Decrease the power usage effectiveness: We plan to reduce the PUE of 16 main data centres by 5% from July 2011 to June 2012.
  • Server virtualisation and Cloud Computing should contribute to abate the energy consumption by the IT load.
  • Carbon audit: the carbon audit aims to identify the CO2 footprint of data centres and its drivers. The Atos Carbon Audit programme covers 22 data centres over the period 2009-2012, located in 7 countries. The objective is to extend the initiative to all strategic data centres around the world.
  • Carbon offsetting: each year, Atos offsets the carbon emitted by data centres thus allowing Atos to offer carbon neutral hosting to its clients.
  • Energy supply: Atos’ objective is to avoid producing carbon. The question is now how to move from CO2 offset toward a suppression of emissions at source, which would involve a review of our policy in relation to electricity supply. Some countries like the Netherlands or United Kingdom have initiated this process.
  • IT selection (purchasing): By integrating carbon in to our purchasing requirements we minimise the contribution of carbon emissions from IT equipment.
  • Generalise best practices in data centres: extend innovative solutions such as heat recovery, free cooling, free chilling, or cold air containment, etc.
  • Our efforts in Green IT have brought results with the opening of our new green Data Centre in Helsinki located in the former electricity station of Helsingin Energia.

Atos is the first IT company to provide carbon neutral hosting to its clients

Since 2010, Atos has compensated for the amount of CO2 produced by all its data centres located worldwide (117,500 tones CO2 eq). This allows us to deliver carbon neutral hosting to our clients. The volume to be offset is recalculated each year in order to adjust the volume to the emissions effectively produced the previous year.

In 2011, the objective is to continue this initiative, enlarging the offsetting perimeter to the new scope from the merger between Atos Origin and Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

In this respect, a new partnership between Southpole Carbon & EcoAct was agreed beginning of 2012 to compensate the full new scope of Atos’ activities. One of the objectives is to support our clients in reducing the environmental impact of IT and to abate the environmental impact of their operations thanks to ICT. In parallel, the funded project supports the economic and social development of local communities (energy supply, education, employment, etc.).

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