Ambition Zero Carbon

Reducing our clients’ carbon footprints

Rising demand for datacentre services is leading to upwards pressure on greenhouse gas emissions from the IT sector.

Atos has rolled out a pioneering Ambition Zero Carbon programme to reduce and offset emissions from Atos and its clients


In 2009, Atos made a commitment to abate its carbon Footprint by 15% by 2012 (using the 2008 baseline) at a comparable scope. The company has also launched a Carbon Footprint Abatement Programme (CFAP) which aims to measure the CO2 emissions on a yearly basis. The evaluation gathers data coming from all countries where Atos is located.

Following the methodology promoted by the GHG protocol, Atos measures direct and indirect GHG emissions. Thanks to a strong mobilisation mainly in travel policy and energy management in data centres, this objective was successively reached by 2010. In only two years the accumulated reduction of carbon amounts we reached was a total of a 34.6% reduction, at a comparable scope.

Our main objectives for 2015


At Atos, we aim to accelerate our progress in the coming years focusing on being best in class in environmental performance. Our main objectives for 2015 are:


  • Reduce 45% of corporate footprint by 2015
  • Assure 100% renewable energy sourcing for the data centres by 2015
  • ISO 14001 certification in all data centres and main sites
  • Implement green policies worldwide

Reducing the environmental impact of our activities


During 2011, Atos consolidated the implementation of a number of global policies and launched new programs concerning sustainability and corporate responsibility regarding Smart Travel policy, Car Fleet policy and Waste management policy.

Decarbonising the Firm of the Future


Decarbonising the Earth is part of any company’s responsibility. It means not only considering the environment as a precious resource, but it also means addressing the living conditions of people and communities and to anticipate the consequences of today’s actions for future generations. It implies transforming the current exploitative business paradigm to one that aligns social, environmental and economic factors; responsible business equals good business sense.

Decarbonising also requires a company to address its impact on climate change by integrating a low (even zero and sometimes net positive) carbon strategy into processes, corporate values, and of course, the performance management of the business. Firms of the future need to make carbon management a pillar of their business strategy. At Atos, we believe that the implementation of an Ambition Carbon Free initiative not only strengthens the stability of a company but also reinforces its competitiveness.

Our zero carbon ambition


Since 2008, Atos has undertaken an annual evaluation of the carbon footprint of the entire company, including all its activities. This initiative involves identifying the main sources of emission and taking the right actions to reduce the volume of CO2 (directly or indirectly) emitted.

Our initial objective was to abate the carbon footprint of Atos by 15% over the period 2009-2011 (2008 baseline). Thanks to many efforts, we succeeded in reducing it by 34.6% (at constant scope) within 3 years (2009-2011). Considering the increasing pressure on IT (partly due to the digitalisation of the economy) and the vastly increased size of Atos following the merger of Atos Origin and Siemens IT Solutions and Services), Atos decided to reinforce its efforts to tackle climate change.

Therefore, in 2011, the company set itself a new objective for the three coming years (2012–2015): to abate by an additional 30% the whole carbon footprint of Atos (using 2011 as a baseline). This objective is broken down as follows:


  • 30% CO2 for buildings and travels (2011 baseline)
  • 30% the CO2 resulting from data centre operations (2011 baseline).

To reach the target, we are looking at different areas such as the carbon embedded in IT equipment, energy consumption (electricity fuel or gas, for instance), and waste management.

Atos is the first IT company to provide carbon neutral hosting to its clients


Considering the impact for Atos, and also for our clients who host their applications within our data centres, in 2009 Atos decided to go further than a standard corrective action plan. The idea was to neutralise the carbon emitted by Atos thanks to the funding of a transfer of technology toward emerging countries enabling them to produce less polluting power plants.

Since 2010, Atos has been compensating for the amount of CO2 produced by all its data centres located worldwide (117,500 tones CO2 eq). This allows us to deliver carbon neutral hosting to our clients. The volume to be offset is recalculated each year in order to adjust the volume to the emissions effectively produced the previous year.

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