Keep your vendor close and your system integrator closer.


Where does technology end and business begin?

Can IT innovations such as virtualisation and cloud computing bring business benefits?
How do you leverage the promise from virtualisation technologies to become more flexible?

What kind of partnership makes the breakthrough turning product innovation into business value?


A strong partnership aimed at true business benefits

Atos officially signed a Global System Integrator Agreement with VMware in 2009. The agreement was the logical progression after years of joint project experience and marked the start of a partnership aimed at delivering tangible success for our customers.

As business technology partners, Atos and VMware pool their collective talents in the management of IT infrastructures and the provision of virtualisation solutions. Many joint projects have already been successfully implemented. By simplifying IT environments using VMware technology, we work together to provide a more efficient, flexible and reliable IT service for customers. The result is an integrated architecture with technology benefits that translate into real business value.


Why is technology enablement more than implementation?

With flexibility now a must-have for customers, virtualisation and even cloud computing are fast becoming industry standards. Yet project-based implementation often fails to bring the promised product benefits in the absence of a long-term vision and business strategy.

Enter the business technologists. With longstanding experience in system integration and even service delivery across a range of industries, we ensure technology delivers on its promise to the business. Our customers benefit from a strategic approach to standardising and optimising the IT. Complementing and implementing VMware’s leading-edge technology, we ensure that it delivers quality and value to the marketplace.


How does a system integrator partnership bring business value?

Product vendors often focus on product benefits that address a specific IT challenge. As business technologists we work with product vendors on a partnership basis to look beyond the scope of pure technology, tapping into our invaluable experience as system integrator and service provider as well as our unique industry DNA.

This results in a long-term innovation roadmap on the technology side that focuses on enabling integration, innovation and increased productivity across business processes.

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Miles Holden
UK Partners & Alliances Team
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