Good partners share a vision. Great partners share a heritage.


What can Siemens do for me?
How can technology create true business value?
Why is the whole more than the parts?


Engineering the future of IT

Atos is a global Partner of the Siemens Group, one of the largest – and oldest – technology companies in the world. Siemens provides key products and systems for customers in a wide range of industries, from energy to mining, from healthcare to household goods, from chemicals to communications and consumer goods. And everywhere Siemens is, Atos is there, too, helping the business units of Siemens create opportunities for customers.


Being a true partner with roots in Siemens, we know Siemens better than anybody else. And thanks to decades of experience with our partners at Siemens in a wide range of vertical markets, we also know our mutual customers’ business almost as well as they do themselves.


In this video Siemen’s MD of Digital Factory, Brian Holliday and Atos’ Head of Manufacturing and Retail, Mukesh Parekh discuss the Atos/Siemens partnership with The Manufacturer and briefly explore how this has grown over the years and is providing benefit for our respective organisations and clients.


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We do this by putting IT to work in new and challenging ways, in the office, in the factory, on the road or in the Cloud. That’s why we are business technologists – because we strive to combine the best of both worlds.


How does a system integrator partnership bring business value?


Take for instance Product Lifecycle Management. This is an area in which Atos and Siemens continue to cooperate very intensely. Siemens PLM Software is used by almost 70,000 companies the world over for all stages of IT product development from conception to design, manufacture, service and disposal. Together we can ensure that these powerful tools are put to the best possible use within your organisation to create additional value for your business.


Every vendor in the market has a legacy to protect, and that can be a problem for you as a customer shopping for the very latest in IT innovation. As a neutral player we have the advantage of serendipity: As new technologies come and go, we can fit them together to provide completely new solutions that help our customers get the job done faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. And if something better comes along, we can switch over immediately without having to worry about writing off any past investments. And that’s good news for both of us!

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