Futurescape 2014

Atos, Worldline & Samsung Futurescape 2014

Atos, Worldline and Samsung welcomed 120 guests to hear about the impact of Digital and Innovation in business.

Atos, Worldline and Samsung provide leading-edge solutions for business. As partners we are uniquely placed to offer joined up, end-to-end solutions that securely integrate devices and systems, delivering innovative IT solutions to businesses. 

At Futurescape 2014, we explored the theme of digital disruption. Today's businesses exist in a constantly shifting landscape. This is an age of hyper-connectivity - a digital revolution - where new technologies are rapidly changing the way we live and do business.

Leaders must make sure they are driving innovation ahead of their competitors to embrace this new way of working, generate growth and push their businesses forward.

We explored the business journey of digital technology and transformative services and the impacts they have. A tailored speaker roster explored the latest industry strategies, insights and technologies and demonstrated how they, and you, can take your place as part of the digital revolution.

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Atos, Worldline & Samsung Partnership

Organisations can unleash the potential of their technology and their people like never before, and deliver clearly differentiated, highly superior customer experiences.

Our partnership is operating across sectors as diverse as retail, manufacturing and education to deliver unique and powerful solutions. Ever more powerful devices and IT systems are everywhere and the Atos, Worldline and Samsung alliance can make them work together, seamlessly and securely, with complete mobility.

If you would like to find out more information about the solutions we can provide as part of the Atos, Worldline and Samsung’s partnership, please get in touch with us.

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