Server 2003 Migration

With Atos, platform migration is simple, fast and secure


Microsoft Windows Server 2003™ end of life is scheduled for July 14th 2015. After that support will only be provided on an individual basis for organisations. This means serious security compliance issues for those businesses who take no action or a significant increase in cost for those looking to maintain Windows Server 2003™ on a bespoke basis. Migration to a new platform is the sensible answer.


Migration from Windows Server 2003™ can be a complex issue, with single and multiple server set-ups hosting multiple software products and components. This is where Atos technologists with their experience and expertise in platform migration can help, using our proven and robust 4D methodology.




How Atos can help

Our methodology has been enhanced and perfected through the thousands of migrations we have delivered to over 600 enterprise customers in more than 100 countries.


We look to virtualise server loads and storage and take advantage of the cloud where possible to reduce the cost of the migration and the final installed solution, in many instances making the migration a cost neutral or even cost positive experience.


Get in touch to discuss how Atos can help you plan and implement your migration strategy.

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