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A good partner supports your IT, a great alliance adds value to your business.

How can standard software be tailored to fit the special needs of my company?
What if I need to go beyond a single operating system?
Who knows how to make the Cloud work for me?
Why is business value more important than technology?

A strong partnership aimed at true business benefits

Atos and Microsoft have been partners for over 20 years, helping our mutual customers achieve even greater benefits from world-class software based on the most successful standard in the history of IT – the Windows platform. By making these products part of well-designed and well-integrated solutions, we add business value for your company.

Today, Microsoft is rapidly transforming itself into a leading provider of cloud-based services, but concerns remain in many minds about the essential safety and security of the Cloud. That’s where we come in.

Who’s afraid of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is really nothing new for us. In fact, we were in the Cloud business long before it became known by that name. Through our extensive experience in managed services, outsourcing and offshoring we are uniquely positioned to create decentralised systems and solutions that aren’t just safe, but that get the job done faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before.

We know what customers want – and what they don’t want, namely having to worry about data integrity, availability and compliance issues. As Business Technologists, we know that technology is a means to achieve a greater goal, namely finding a better way to do business. Cloud Computing is a new and exciting path for you to reach that goal.

How does a system integrator partnership bring business value?

One size doesn’t fit all. By making Microsoft software an integral part of a well-designed solution, we can leverage the business value of leading-edge software technology in new and valuable ways.

Together with Microsoft, we focus on important things like content and collaboration, workplace services and unified communication. These solutions can be based on-site or in the cloud. What really matters is being able to trust that your solution will prove its worth down here on earth.

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Case Studies

Transport Direct
First Ever Multi-Modal Transport Portal using .Net


Strategic Sourcing Partnership utilising Microsoft desktop

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