Leveraging joint Expertise in Services and Technology across the Content Lifecycle to deliver Sustainable Customer Value

Atos and EMC have had a long and fruitful partner relationship extending back to 1999. Since that time, EMC’s core technology – storage infrastructure - has been used extensively within Atos to provide our customers with robust and reliable infrastructure services.

EMC is a partner with a complementary geographical reach and whose technology portfolio is closely aligned with Atos’ services portfolio. It supports our strategic ambitions by being committed to Innovation, delivering additional value to our offerings and actively participating in cultivating increased opportunities to accelerate growth.

As EMC has continued to expand into other important technology areas such as Enterprise Content Management and Security, Atos’ use of EMC technology has grown likewise. Atos uses these additional technologies to give its clients more cost effective, flexible and sustainable content lifecycle solutions through dedicated or “on demand”/SAAS service models.

Global Strategic Partnership

Atos has a global strategic alliance with EMC covering the 3 main areas of the EMC technology portfolio:

  • Core/Infra
  • Content Management & Archiving (Documentum)
  • Security (RSA)

These technologies are used in our Design, Build and Run solutions and services which we deliver to our global and local customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Mutual Capabilities and Portfolio Match

EMC decided to partner with Atos because we can deliver full lifecycle solutions on a global scale. We are also focused on a set of Key Offerings as part of our overall 3 year strategy which are aligned with EMC’s offering portfolio and are of strategic importance for EMC.

Furthermore, we have a strong position in the European Enterprise Content Management market space and can offer strong integration skills capable of integrating the EMC application and infrastructure technologies into differentiating E2E solutions.

About EMC

EMC Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organisations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Information about EMC’s products and services can be found at: www.emc.com.

Contact us

Miles Holden
UK Partners & Alliances Team

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Atos is Platinum EMC Velocity Global Alliance Partner

EMC velocity partner

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