Steve Cram MBE, first man to break 3:30:00 in 1500m, marks 25th anniversary - Remember I.T.

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Steve Cram MBE, first man to break 3:30:00 in 1500m, marks 25th anniversary - Remember I.T.

London 16th July 2010
Today Steve Cram MBE, Atos Origin UK ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, marks the 25th anniversary of his life changing moment when he beat Saïd Aouita in Nice, becoming the first man ever to run 1500 metres in less than 3:30:00, on 16th July 1985.

Cram’s time of 3:29.67 is still a GB best, and he went on to break a further two world records in 19 days; the mile and 2000m, both of which remain European records.

Cram was appointed as the Atos Origin UK ambassador to demonstrate the company’s critical role in providing the IT infrastructure and systems to relay results, events and athlete information to spectators and media around the world as the Olympic Games happen, records are broken and medals are won.

Atos Origin has held the world’s largest sports related IT contract as the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games since 2002. It will support London 2012 in delivering the official results to the world’s media in less than a second via an integrated securely managed IT infrastructure.

Cram says: “I am delighted to be the Ambassador for Atos Origin, a company that plays such a critical role in relaying information to the world as the Olympic Games happen and records are broken. Atos Origin will be the key to delivering to the world moments such as the one when I beat Saïd Aouita in Nice by four one hundredths of a second – Remember I.T.”

Atos Origin works with the consortium of IT partners, and is responsible for leading the integration of the design, build and operation of the massive, mission critical IT infrastructure and solutions that will support the London 2012 Games. This includes the infrastructure and systems that will deliver the results to the world in less than a second and process the accreditation badges for the 200,000 members of the Olympic Family.

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