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BTIC - A new way to experience business technology

“The Business Technology & Innovation Centers will help Atos showcase its work and interact with clients around innovation in a creative way – improving awareness of their innovative capabilities.” IDC, December 2012

A new way to experience business technology

Located at Atos UK&I Headquarters in London, the Business Technology & Innovation Centre (BTIC) is a customer experience platform aimed at tangibly promoting innovative solutions and offerings, leveraging partnerships and alliances to host unique conversations. Our BTIC is one of eight around the world, drawing on our global reach in order to provide you with original thinking in an agile manner. Leave business as usual at the door join Atos on your journey to digital.

Shared intelligence and hands-on inspiration

An Atos Business Technology and Innovation Centre is an exceptional business experience. It is a showcase for the future, offering you exclusive access to live examples of the best of Atos business solutions and innovation.

Ideas become real - Business, Technology and Commercial decision-making in focus

A BTIC gives you space – space where new ideas can take root, and where thoughts turn into actions. It is a space in which we will invite you to challenge us, and in which, we hope to challenge you with the aim of helping you solve your transformation challenges.

A collaborative adventure - bringing the right people together for exceptional results

In our hands-on innovation workshops, you will have the opportunity to discover what the latest developments in business technology could mean for you. Using our IDEA model, together we can share insights, progress idea and work as true business partners to find tangible solutions to fit your operational needs. In conjunction with you, we will build an agenda tailor made to suit your business issues, ensuring you achieve your desired outcome.

Hands-on real solutions

The solutions and services available to you in a BTIC are real, live and tangible. We can showcase a variety of solutions and we are keen to schedule relevant and compelling hands-on sessions for your visit.

You get the chance to experiment with innovations that are transforming the way people think and work across public and private sectors. Examples include smart mobility, enterprise social networking, big data analytics, and agile cloud-based workplaces.

Contact us

George Miller
Head of Innovation

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Download Ascent Journey 2018: The 3rd Digital Revolution - Agility and Fragility >> >>

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