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Atos in Ireland operates from two main sites in Dublin and Cork. 275 business technologists deliver IT services for our key clients across key market sectors - Microsoft, Siemens, Department of Justice, An Garda Síochána, Irish Cement, Morpho, Royal Liver Assurance, Fujitsu, Towers Watson, Coca-Cola, Met Life, Datwyler and Novozyme.

Atos in Ireland - What do we do?

We work for clients in major industry sectors - Government, Healthcare, Transport, Financial Services, Media and Enterprise, including Professional Services and Data Centre Managed Services. At Atos, we strive to create the firm of the future. We believe that bringing together people, technology and business is the way forward. The foundation of our company is built on our expertise in technology. We understand the value of technology, which is why our expertise and know-how is behind some of the world’s most critical systems that have been created.

In Ireland, we:

Deliver services to 720,000 customer contacts a year from our Global Call Centre in Cork in 12 languages to 25 countries.

Support An Garda Síochána by providing a tracking system for over 870,000 forensic exhibits.
Deliver the entire IT infrastructure for Siemens AG, serving all Siemens employees in Ireland.
Manage our client’s services and operations in one of the largest Data Centres in Ireland.

Support international travel and business by processing over 430,000 visa applications for 96 Irish embassies Worldwide via our Atos Visa system.

Deliver the Irish Citizen Card solution. So far, we have issued 600,000 Atos ''Card OS'', with 4 million due by 2015.

We measure our success in terms of how we help customers to achieve their objectives in areas such as growth, and cost reduction, enabling faster response times or improving customer service.

Atos in Ireland - Main Office


Atos IT Solutions and Services Limited (Ireland).

Level 5, Block 4, Dundrum Towncentre,
Sandyford Road.
Dublin 16.

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