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Journey 2020

Welcome to Journey 2020, our vision of the evolving world of business, society and technology that we hope will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the forces that will shape business during the next few years. Thierry Breton – Chairman and CEO

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Ascent - Atos Thought Leadership

Our Ascent initiatives are designed to share, with our customers, partners and employees, our thought leadership and innovative thinking on emerging trends in many areas.

The technology and business landscape has been changing at an unprecedented speed and, as one of the world’s leading Business Technology companies, we have the responsibility to think one step ahead, to anticipate coming business and technology challenges, and work with our clients to reinvent their growth models. Clearly, as customer and consumer expectations accelerate, technology must keep up.

Innovation is part of our DNA. We are very clear about what innovation truly means and about how we enable our clients to ensure that it becomes part of their own company DNA, as it is already part of ours.


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