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Careers  at Atos : Job Application Process

To ensure that our recruitment and selection process is reliable and fair to everyone, when you are considering a career with Atos you will follow a standardised process, which involves the following five steps.


Stage 1: Atos Application

Click on “Search and Apply” in the Job Openings section of the Atos Careers website. This will allow you to search our database of open vacancies, where you will find more information about specific qualification requirements in the job descriptions. We will then acknowledge receipt of your application by email.

Stage 2 : Atos Pre-screening

Your application will be reviewed and screened by our recruitment team. As well as looking at your suitability for the role in terms of experience, academic achievement, skills and competences, we will be interested in what makes you tick, your aspirations and ambitions.

Stage 3: Atos Interview

If we want to take the application further, you will be invited to an interview. This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other as part of an open, honest and objective process. The number of interviews you'll need to attend depends on the role and, in some instances, you'll be asked to take an assessment.

Stage 4: Consider our Offer

If you are successful throughout the recruitment and selection process, we will make you a formal offer in writing. We will then look forward to receiving your confirmation so we can support you in starting your career at Atos.

Stage 5: Atos On-boarding

Welcoming you on board is very important to us; as we consider this your way to kick start your career at Atos. That’s why we have a comprehensive induction programme that includes an online portal and face to face welcome introduction session with members of our executive team. 


We understand that your time is precious so we try to wrap up the process within a matter of weeks. Whatever the outcome, we're committed to making it a positive experience for all parties.




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