Software Development – 12 month placement

Develop your technical skills across a range of digital technologies

What you’ll be doing

When you join us as an intern in software development, you’ll develop valuable skills in both technology and business. Depending on your role, you may interface with clients or focus purely on complex technical challenges involving the most sophisticated software. You could find yourself involved in developing a huge range of enterprise, mission critical and mobile applications using a variety of technologies and a range of programming languages. Along the way, you might find yourself helping businesses transform the application landscape from legacy to new, moving digital platforms and developing greenfield, born in the cloud applications. Working in agile ways, you will quickly and intuitively realise business benefits, working with clients to understand and refine requirements and ensure quick delivery.

Why apply?

You’ll gain experience of working with a wide variety of people on a range of live projects. You’ll develop your technical skills across a range of technologies, and gain a key understanding of how companies like Atos operate, to support your future career.

Essential skills

A combination of business awareness, analytical skills and a keen interest in technology is far more important than any specific technical or product knowledge. Whatever the industry, and whatever the balance of business and technical challenges in your role, you can expect significant development of key skills during your internship.

Jonathan, Software Development Intern

Jonathan, Software Development Intern


My experience with Atos was invaluable. I learned so much about how diverse the industry is for developers. Find out more about Jonathan >> 

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