Great Responsibility


Name: Charlotte
University: University of York
Degree: Business Management
Job Title: Account Management & Sales Intern



While doing my degree, I chose to embark on a placement year at Atos. With large investment in personal development, and exposure to many senior managers, I quickly had great amounts of responsibility.

What were your impressions of Atos as an intern?

I was thrilled with my experience at Atos as an intern, largely due to the professionalism and approachability of the staff in my team and the rest of the office. They made a real investment in my personal growth throughout the year, through training courses and project work. My managers and colleagues introduced themselves and made sure I had everything I needed on my first day, even though some of them were usually based offsite. Their support made my time a lot less nerve-wracking right from the start!

What were your main duties or projects?

My main focus was on business development. I carried out a lot of work for the Head of Sales on a key account, looking at new business opportunities. For each opportunity, I would carry out desk research and formulate an information pack for the sales team to help them follow up the new lead. I regularly contributed to weekly calls, analysing financial statements for the account and performance against SLAs and got additional shadowing opportunities to see our business operations in action.

What were the highlights?

I enjoyed shadowing senior members of the team on high-profile work throughout the year including pre-sales qualification and bid work. During my placement I had the privilege of working in a successful and supportive team. Working in a fun but professional environment allowed me to develop key skills while making a real contribution to the business.

How would you describe the Atos Internship Programme to a friend?

I found my Atos internship to be a scheme which rivalled others. They put so much into your personal development through training and exposure to senior colleagues. As Atos is a global company they offer numerous schemes in differing departments, so there really is something for everyone! And with a large network of interns and graduates there’s always a busy social calendar too.

What experiences did you take away with you?

The experience of working with colleagues who are experts in their field, on high-profile projects allowed me to gain a deeper practical understanding of sales within the workplace, which really enhanced what I had learned at university.

What do you want to do next and why?

I’m very interested to return to Atos on the graduate programme and I’m currently exploring that option. Over the past year my love for sales has increased – gaining exposure to different sales areas within a global company and shadowing on high profile work has really developed my knowledge and understanding of how to be successful in the workplace.

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