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Name: Alex
University: University of Kent
Degree: Business IT
Job Title: Cognitive Computing Intern



While on my Business IT course I was looking for companies that offered internships. I saw the impressive work Atos did at the Olympics and wanted to be part of that dynamic company. Having gained a wealth of experience, I’m now ready for the graduate programme.

What were your impressions of Atos as an intern?

From my first day I noticed how approachable everyone was, and immediately felt part of the team. The office was relaxed, with all the facilities anyone could want, and I soon got to know other new interns and graduates. I initially felt the project I was assigned was a bit daunting but I was lucky to get real responsibility from the start - it gave me great exposure to how the company operates. Overall I was very impressed.

What were your main duties or projects?

My main project was producing internal reports for operational management and for finance. After making a few tweaks to how the reports were produced, I went ahead with developing an automated reporting solution. Working start to finish on the pilot was amazing – I was able to experience all aspects of a project from documentation and planning to building the system. This project ran alongside the Atos Information Management Academy training for graduates in my area, and as an intern I was able to attend the training and then apply the course knowledge to a real project.

What were the highlights?

I learned about so many useful tools and software that I had always wanted to know more about, while working with some amazing colleagues. There was a camaraderie and approachability which extended to senior level end users of the reports. I’ve made several connections and lasting friendships, and my work has had a lasting impact on the company.

How would you describe the Atos Internship Programme to a friend?

It was a year of direct exposure to some exciting and challenging projects in a relaxed, sociable and approachable team. It’s one of the best chances you’ll get while at university to develop your skills and put your academic knowledge to use. If you fit in well, you’ll also secure a place on the Atos graduate programme, so you won’t have to worry about finding your first job after university.

What experiences did you take away with you?

I never expected the personal and professional development I went through – the project I was working on was so much more substantial than I ever imagined doing as an intern. I’ll never forget taking on responsibilities I assumed would be given to others. The internship increased my confidence and put all I had learned at university into context – and the work I was doing was something I would never have had a chance to do at smaller companies.

What do you want to do next and why?

I am due to join the Atos graduate scheme in 2016, returning to the same team – this will help me further develop my skills and continue to maintain and grow the contacts I have so far. Information Management and Analytics is an exciting practice to work in.

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