The riverfront near Leeds city centre is beautiful and with excellent cycle lanes it’s really easy and safe to get around on your bike

Why Leeds?

Leeds is a very grand city. There are two big universities, one of which is central and has campuses spread throughout the city. It has a fantastic shopping area with a good mix of high street and designer shops, as well as loads of restaurants, bars and theatres/concert halls, which attract big names. Headingly is particularly good fun, and also a good place to live as it’s reasonably residential and quiet, and only 5 minutes from the city centre. Leeds is great for rugby fans. There is a big park close to the centre as well as a cricket club and a fantastic Olympic swimming pool. The riverfront near the city centre is beautiful and really nice to walk along. It’s worth mentioning the cycle lanes are excellent so it feels really easy and safe to get around on your bike.

Where is Leeds?

Leeds is in the heart of West Yorkshire, close to York and the Yorkshire dales.

Are there any other interns or grads working from this office?

There are a few interns and grads from each year’s intake working at the Leeds office.

Is it easy to travel and park?

The office is quite central and the office has its own car park, and it’s also close to Leeds train station.

If I move to the area, where are the best places to live?

There are lots of options if you want to live close to the city centre, or move to the outskirts and travel in. Headingly is a great option if you are looking for a quiet place to live but still being close to the centre.

What are the options for lunch?

Anything you like as it’s so centrally located.


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