Account Management and Sales – 12 month placement

Gain exposure to all areas of a fast-moving digital business

What you’ll be doing

Joining us for a 12 month placement, you'll be exposed to high-profile clients and many different areas of Atos. By developing customer solutions and leading sales activity, you will support the growth of the business – so expect new experiences, opportunities and challenges every day. Alongside coaching from high-performing pre-sales and sales professionals, you will gain exposure to all areas of our organisation and some of our most important customers. You may become involved in anything from preparing bid submissions through to identifying leads and closing deals. At the same time, you will broaden your expertise in market analysis, project management and marketing techniques.

Why apply?

We avoid hierarchies, so you will directly engage with some of our most successful Executives on active campaigns almost from your first day. This will rapidly give you everything you need to support teams in solving complex problems whilst developing clear business propositions and working with high-performing sales colleagues to close deals. The opportunity will challenge you and give you great skills and experience for your future career.

Essential skills

Clear and concise communications skills are an absolute must, as well as self-starter energy and tenacity. The ability to work in a team for outcome-drive results for team and personal benefits is key, plus the agility to work on several projects. You will need to quickly develop customer-driven relationship skills, which will enable strong rapport with internal and external customers.



Charlotte, Account Management and Sales Intern


The experience of working with colleagues who are experts in their field, on high-profile projects allowed me to gain a deeper practical understanding of sales within the workplace. Find out more about Charlotte >>

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