Software Development

As an organisation, we develop software across many of the major platforms in order to deliver a huge range of applications to our clients

What you’ll be doing

When you specialise in software development you’ll develop valuable skills in both technology and business. Depending on your role, you may extensively interface with clients or focus purely on complex technical challenges involving the most sophisticated software. From day to day, you could find yourself involved in developing software for some truly mission-critical applications, using a variety of technologies which could include .Net, Java, Open source or a range of other programming languages. As an organisation, we develop software across many of the major platforms in order to deliver a huge range of applications to our clients. For example, you may focus on the development of client information systems for the rail industry, working on customer sites with extensive dialogue with non-technical professionals. Alternatively, you may help us generate solutions for our range of market leading ticketing and loyalty card schemes involving complex payment card processing regimes giving you exposure to clients in a broad spectrum of industries.

Why apply?

You’ll be able to get involved with work at all levels with a wide variety of people and projects, including the most senior and experienced business technologists in Atos. You will have access to extensive technical and commercial training, as well as early involvement with the full breadth of technologies and methods employed in solutions and services delivered by Atos.

Essential skills

A combination of business awareness, analytical skills and a keen interest in technology is far more important than any specific technical or product knowledge. Whatever the industry, and whatever the balance of business and technical challenges in your role, you can expect a very steep learning curve within your 18-month Programme, demanding high levels of autonomy and personal responsibility for delivery.


Oliver, Warwick University, Atos Software Development

It’s my job to make sure the developers are making what the Business Analysts have received as a spec from the client. They design it and I make sure what’s been created is fit for purpose. Find out more about Oliver>>

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