Cognitive Computing (Data Analytics)

Everybody’s talking about data and its value. Work with talented consultants to help unlock the value of business data for household name clients

What you’ll be doing

As a consultant in this area, you will enjoy unrivalled challenges at the forefront of the next generation in data management, analytics and enterprise content management, working with existing and emerging technologies. You’ll work with experienced and talented consultants in the delivery of complex solutions for household name clients to unlock the value of business data. A true Business Technologist, you’ll use your combined business and technical skills to help our clients improve insight, optimise process, and discover new business potential. Enjoying exposure to the whole of the economy of data lifecycle, you could focus on initiatives involving cognitive computing, intelligent processes, knowledge automation, knowledge networks and data analytics. Ultimately you’ll be helping our clients maximise the operational and business advantage gained from their digital assets.

Why apply?

In addition to the Graduate Programme training and development, you will also join our internal training academy , established to provide you with a blend of skills useful in whichever area of cognitive computing you are working in. It is a practically based programme grounded within the Atos context, and is designed to help you enhance a range of personal, data management and cognitive computing skills. You’ll then work closely with clients from design to delivery, having a material impact on their business and ours from day one.

Essential Skills

One of your key tasks will be working with all forms of structured and unstructured data to create clear and simple value insights for our clients, so a range of personal and analytical skills along with a flair for business are necessary. The role will demand excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and you will tackle a steep technical learning curve, so you will need to be proactive in your own development to make the most of the IM Academy training. You’ll also need excellent statistical skills and a high degree of literacy in databases and associated techniques, as proven by a degree in computing, maths, engineering, physics or a similar discipline.

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