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Name: Tori
Year of Graduation: 2013
University: Exeter University
Joined Atos: 2013
Job Title: Sales and Marketing Graduate

My background

I joined the Atos Sales and Marketing graduate scheme nearly a year ago after graduating from the University of Exeter having studied History. I decided to apply for the Atos graduate scheme after doing a month’s work experience during summer 2012, where I worked with the London Marketing department during the preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games.


Tori Graduate Profile

It was the people who really attracted me to Atos; everyone I met was very welcoming and willing to go out of their way to help me learn new skills so I could take on more responsibility, and I have found the same culture since joining the Graduate Programme. Atos allows you to take on as many projects and responsibilities as you feel capable of and gives you the freedom to shape the scheme and your own career, whilst providing you with the support you need to develop your skillset. I have also learnt that the company’s structure is not hierarchical – I have had the opportunity to meet and work with senior members of the business from very early on, which is something that is often not offered to graduates until much later on in their career.

Having not studied business or IT I was slightly concerned that I would have a huge amount of catching up to do, but my colleagues and the graduate training scheme have helped me to develop key skills or, if not, have allowed me the opportunity to suggest ways in which the Graduate Programme could be altered to offer the necessary training. The Graduate Programme has also been a fantastic way of meeting people from all different areas of the business and from different locations. I am still close friends with the graduates I met during my two week induction in Birmingham and we get the chance to meet up regularly at our Graduate training sessions and go for after work dinner/drinks when I am down in other offices. It is also great to have a group of graduates based in the same location, and we regularly meet up for lunch or after work.

My job summed up

There is huge diversity in the different tasks I do on a day-to-day basis and the opportunity to rotate roles on the graduate scheme has given me broader business experience. My most recent rotation with the Scotland Marketing team gave me the opportunity to get involved with one of the biggest events taking place in Scotland this year – the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I had my first involvement with the Games in October 2013 with our launch event at Hampden Park and culminated in being part of the team delivering our client hospitality programme during the Games.

Being part of the team working on Glasgow 2014 was an amazing experience. It involved a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was very rewarding seeing the programme and the whole Games being successfully delivered. It has given me such a fantastic experience and opportunity to work in major events in the future.

A typical day during the run-up to the Games:

The first thing I do is check my emails and ensure that I have read any updates that have come through from the Glasgow 2014 Sponsor Services team. I also review all my actions from our last team meeting in preparation for our 9:15 team meeting.

Weekly team meeting with the other members of the Scotland Marketing Team. We each share what is on our ‘To Do’ List for the coming week and update the team on our progress with previous actions from our last meeting. We will also discuss any new pieces of work which have been identified and assign them to one of the team.

Part of my role is supporting the Communications Manager in Scotland, so I spend some of my time helping to design internal employee competitions and writing the communications to accompany them. When the competition closes, I also help to send the communications out to the winners to inform them of the prize they won. Additionally, if we have an event the next day I need to pack up all the merchandise and pop-up banners we will be taking along with us and ensure we are all prepared.

Lunch time with the other grads based up in Livingston, followed by an afternoon of Glasgow 2014 related activities. I am responsible for organising all of the client tours of the Technology Operations Centres during Games-time and the pre-Games Venue Tours for employees. The former involves discussions with internal senior managers to get names of possible nominees for the tours, designing an agenda for the half-day, securing an Atos host to give our Glasgow 2014 presentation, organising the catering for the Atos-hosted part of the event, and working with our Sponsor Services Managers at Glasgow 2014 to confirm attendees. For the latter, I need to ask managers to submit names of those they would like to nominate for the tours and co-ordinate the distribution of details from Glasgow 2014 Sponsor Services to all attendees.

A mid-afternoon coffee trip with a couple of my colleagues before continuing with the rest of my afternoon. As part of my role in Sales Operations, I put together the Sales Forecast reports for the Scotland Market. This means I need to liaise with the senior managers and sales teams from all sectors (Health, Public and Private) to ensure I have the most up-to-date’ figures and keep a record of which deals are in the pipeline for the future. In addition, I am on the Atos Million Makers Team for 2014 as Marketing lead, raising money for The Prince’s Trust. This means (amongst other responsibilities) I do first drafts of any posters we want to use before sending over to the design team and I need to make sure Marketing and Brand approval are kept updated with our progress.

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