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Name: Philip
Year of graduation: 2011
University: Goldsmiths, University of London
Degree: History
Joined Atos: 2013
Job title: Programme Manager

My background

I first found out about Atos when looking through graduate job websites. My application went well and I quickly found it was a business I would enjoy working for, as it strives to be an innovative and efficient company, while having a global footprint.

As my application was progressing well I took part in an assessment day, where I met many interesting people. This required lots of preparation, but was also great fun. My assessment had been for a Client Service Management role, but afterwards I was told I would be best in a Programme Management capacity

I began working in Global Managed Services, Global Transitions and Transformations in August 2013 and was quickly involved in projects and programmes while undertaking the training provided by the Graduate Programme. As you can imagine, I have been very busy but I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely and learnt a huge amount. One of the aims of the training is to build up your network and this has really helped me to get to know new people and understand the wider workings of the company. I am a great believer in pushing yourself to achieve more and I have found lots of colleagues willing to help me learn by giving me work beyond my current experience. I would highly recommend Atos to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and be the best person they can.

My job summed up

As a Programme Manager it’s my job to ensure that whatever project we’re working on is delivered as expected; within cost, time, scope and of course, quality. What I work on can vary a lot, such as my biggest current project which is reviewing Procurement processes, to supporting the design and build of an entirely new infrastructure solution which we’ll support a client with throughout a 10 year contract.

A day in my life:

If the team and I all happen to be at the same location at the same time, we’ll have a face to face meeting, if not, we’ll use our Lync system for a conference call, which is handy as we can share screens or video call if we need to. In the Global Division we tend to work from the central London office, another Atos UK location or from home. Last year I spent three months working on client sites in Stockholm and Copenhagen though, and my current client is based in central Europe, so it can vary a lot.

I need to send progress reports to a number of people within Atos and to the client. Often I’m speaking with technical team leads, who need to understand how the project is going, and where any bottlenecks are, so they know where to focus. Around once a month, I’ll be asked to communicate some of the more complex aspects of the project to my client contact’s managers, which is great for relationship building at a senior level.

Lunch with my mentor who’s a Programme Manager within my division. We meet fairly frequently which has been great as he’s been with Atos a while, so is able to give a different perspective on any queries I have. I’m a very driven person, so always keen to use him to give me more insight into possible future career paths here.

Documenting the Atos purchasing process from the perspective of my division, to improve the wider understanding and ensure it is as seamless a process as possible. It’s vital to ensure this happens to remain compliant.

Attending the Client Improvement Steering Board. Atos has an ongoing improvement programme, which enhances our way of working with this particular client on a continual basis. I’m accountable for the purchasing initiative and today had to present my project updates and issues to global and local senior management.

1700 until late
Going out with other graduates if it’s a Friday!

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