For the full story about the Atos graduate journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Oliver
Year of graduation: 2013
Degree: Physics & Business Studies
University: Warwick
Joined Atos: 2013
Job title: Software development

My background

I studied at the University of Warwick - Physics & Business studies, a pretty rare combination! I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating, but I realised that it was now or never, and started to look for graduate schemes that might fit my experience and skills. My combination of physics and business studies seemed to fit with the Atos concept of a Business Technologist, so I applied.


Oliver Graduate Profile

It goes without saying that you should just try to be yourself at the interviews. The assessors aren’t trying to catch you out, so be honest and friendly with them!

Happily, I was successful and since joining Atos I've worked for the Systems Integration division. This involves designing and building bespoke software for important clients, but there are numerous other opportunities across the business, and managers do their best to put you into a role that suits your skills and ambitions. At the moment I am working as a software tester, focussing on ‘quality assurance’ and that the client is receiving what they specified.

My job summed up

A large part of my job consists of quality assurance testing. It usually involves working with the finished product after it’s been developed. I’ll follow a test script written by me or a colleague and list what I expect to happen, then run the programme and check the results. If it doesn’t run as expected, it’s a defect, so I’ll fix that, and then pass it. Essentially, it’s my job to make sure the developers are making what the Business Analysts have received as a spec from the client. They design it and I make sure what’s been created is fit for purpose.

A day in my life:

I arrive at work around 8am (the exact time is not important so long as you get your hours in) and check any important messages and tasks for the day. Then get a cup of coffee and get stuck into some testing.

I usually head out with some colleagues to the town centre for some food. When we’re feeling particularly adventurous, that's a cheeky trip to Nandos! After lunch I might find a defect in some software and have to communicate this to the development team. Being a tester means you get to interact with a wide variety of colleagues across the project.

Testing carries on as usual, but sometimes there will be a meeting to attend. There are plenty of ‘extracurricular’ activities to get involved in. I’ve helped out with events relating to Million Makers to raise money for The Prince’s Trust and am involved in the ‘Wellbeing@work’ committee to help make Atos a great place to work. Here in the Beeston office, it’s all about generating ideas that will make our office a better place to work, so I’m investigating ideas like flexible working hours, bike security etc

After a mid-afternoon coffee boost it’s back to work. Changing requirements and complex software means there is often a challenge in this work. Fortunately my colleagues are very helpful and are always on hand to explain things or show me where I've gone wrong.

Until late home time! Relax and engage in my hobbies.

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