For the full story about the Atos graduate journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Nicholas
Year of graduation: 2010
University: Durham
Degree: BSc Geography
Job title: Business Consultant
Joined Atos: 2011

My background:

I grew up with a wide range of social and academic interests, and that hasn’t really changed! Once I'd completed my degree, I didn't know what would come next and spent a year doing a variety of jobs across the media, energy and voluntary sectors, whilst searching for a global professional organisation in which to start and grow a career.


Nicholas Graduate Profile

I came across Atos while hunting the internet for such a company, and immediately applied to a client-facing role, with the idea that I would not only gain valuable experience, but also open myself up to the array of opportunities that Atos offers to enthusiastic and ambitious individuals. I have not been disappointed! Having had the chance to move across three distinct roles, during my three years here, I've met and worked with some fantastic people and feel I am now in a great position to advance my career.

It was a unique opportunity for me to get front-line exposure to the wide variety of constituent parts of a global business; I was confident I’d find the right route for my skills to develop. Now, I’ve managed a multi-million pound service for a client, I’m leading a UK & Ireland (UK&I) wide internal business transformation programme for our 10,000+ employees, and have a clear idea as to how I want to develop myself and my career – I’d say my initial expectations have been exceeded!

My job summed up:

The main point of my role is to take a client from where they are to where they need to be with anything from the technology they use, to their organisational structure. I do this by really getting to know the organisation I’m working with, then using tried and tested Atos Consulting methodologies and leveraging the collective expertise of the entire Consulting function, to provide them with the right solution.

A day in my life:

Having checked what’s going on inside the business in our Enterprise Social Network on my phone on the way to work, I start the day immediately focused on things I want and need to work on. I catch up with the Chief Information Officer over the status of the technology involved in my project, and how it relates to the overall internal IT landscape that he governs.

Having planned and organised the concept of a film highlighting the benefits of our Zero Email plans internally, I grabbed the creative team (in a rare open slot) to help me with filming and production. Writing an article for internal communications to provide deeper insight into the work I’m doing, and how it will help our organisation moving forwards. Meeting with a supplier and lunch out with some of the team at a local café, or maybe a trip into town if we’re feeling particularly adventurous!


I check-in with the Programme Manager to ensure they are comfortable with my work, and reviewing recent activity. I run a workshop to re-define the strategy and implementation plan for UK&I, for the global Zero Email project. I prepare executive summaries of progress across my various roles, for senior Global stakeholders to present. I meet with the Leadership team of one of our biggest accounts, to consult them on how they can plan, launch, and drive the implementation of our new collaborative technologies most effectively.


Breaking new ground up in our CEO’s office, helping her host an online Q&A around a strategic topic for our employees, all through our Enterprise Social Network. Contributing to a feedback session for a management leadership training module I volunteered to deliver and facilitate. Also sending out invitations for our regular social gathering, ensuring there are a few senior people there to join us.

1700 until late

Helping one of our charity teams put together their annual fund-raising corporate event – food-tasting for the menu is no bad way to contribute! Pop out after work to celebrate a Finance colleague passing their CIMA exams!

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