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Name: Kurtis
Year of graduation: 2012
Degree: Aeronautical Engineering
University: Loughborough University
Joined Atos: 2013
Job title: Service Delivery Manager

My background:


Kurtis Graduate Profile

I wanted to join a company who would be looking to lead the way in the technology industry, and be able to offer an exciting career path within that company. The Grad scheme at Atos offered both of those opportunities. My educational background is in Aeronautical Engineering, and my interests include sports, travel, film – but certainly not Technology. It doesn’t sound like a natural career path, but lots of grads have started in a variety of roles without a degree in IT, and I can honestly say that I’m enjoying my work and the people I work with - and I’m very optimistic about my career. I’ve been given great opportunities to be involved with various areas of the business and work with all the teams that make the products and services tick.

My job summed up:

Being a Service Delivery Manager means I have to ensure that the service is running without issue. I have to deliver the service that we promise to our customers. This means dealing with incidents, dealing with customers and carrying out continual service improvement plans - my job is to keep the customer happy and informed.

A day in my life:

After a coffee, I’ll be creating a service report for each WebTIS customer – to let them know how we’re performing. My morning is often the most productive time of day for me, so I’ll tackle the chunkier jobs now!

By late morning I’m finishing off the service report, with one eye on my next task of invoicing the customer. I may look at ways the service could be improved - or make the reoccurring tasks more automated. Time for another coffee… During the middle of the day we may have an issue on one of the services that I run. If this was to happen I would be busy managing the incident, making sure that the relevant teams are looking in the problem while keeping the customer(s) informed about how we are progressing. With strict Service Level Agreements to work to situations can often become quite frantic and fast paced, but it’s important to keep a clear head!

After heading to the shop or café for lunch with some colleagues it’s time for the task list to be started again, working on a report requested by the customer or preparing for an upcoming call. Throughout my day I am often faced with urgent ad hoc requests so I ensure I allow for this in my workload planning.

I’ll have a weekly catch up call with one of our customers, to discuss any areas of concern or places we may be able to increase the services they take from us. Then I’m planning my next day and finishing off anything I may have missed. As well as doing my day job, I try to get involved in other activities within the company. This year I’ve been lucky enough to be selected to be part of the Atos Million Makers team to raise as much money as possible for the Princes Trust. I’ll usually spend a couple of hours a week on calls related to fundraising activities for the event.

I’ll wrap up all my tasks from the day and double check that I’ve not missed anything that needed doing by today. I may not have been able to tick off all of the tasks I wanted to get through today, but I know I’ve added value with the work I’ve done. Later, I’ll be playing 5-A-Side football with some of the people from the office, it’s a great way to meet new people and get some exercise!

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