For the full story about the Atos graduate journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Bhavik
Year of graduation: 2011
Degree: Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
University: University of Nottingham
Atos start date: 2012
Job title: PMO and Strategy Analyst for the CEO Office

My background

My original aspiration was to spend seven years at university to become an architect. While I’d admit to being a 'geek', I had kept the prospect of a career in Technology at arm’s length, preferring to be an outside observer. Along the way the rest of the world kept moving, recessions happened, and vital building industry placements proved unattainable.

Bhavik Graduate Profile

I realised during a summer job as an administrator at a vocational college that my degree had given me immensely useful transferrable skills such as problem solving, solution defining, planning, and stakeholder management. It was also clear that Technology was becoming increasingly pervasive in all areas of life; and that my new found skills (plus a computer science A-level and some amateur web design) should be applied where they could support massive change.   It was at this point that I decided to hunt for a graduate role as a consultant or project manager in a Technology company, and I found Atos.

I was offered a position in Information Management and Analytics, and I jumped at the chance. I have taken advantage of training in visualisation software, a diploma as part of work based learning and most importantly, I’ve been given the flexibility to proactively seek roles and projects that would challenge me, and allow me to excel and gain experience. Just before I completed the 18 month Graduate Programme, a role working for the CEO was advertised to grads in my intake. It was too good an opportunity to turn down, so I interviewed and was offered.

My job summed up

In my new role, having completed the Graduate programme, I’m now running the Programme Management Office for the CEO and as a Strategy Analyst working for the SVP for Strategy in Atos UK & Ireland. I am responsible for coordinating the design and reporting of key initiatives lead by our senior management to support the organisation’s strategic objectives. My work is rich and varied, with never a dull moment albeit some long hours and busy weeks!

A day in my life:

After a nice cup of tea, a weekly face-to-face strategy session with the Head of Strategy and team. We discuss and agree the next steps for a portfolio of 25 strategic projects and I eat my morning snack!

Updating the strategic project tracker, ensuring the strategy team and project owners are kept informed. I then have a 30 minute meeting call with a project owner to discuss changes to her plan, and discuss risks and issues with a senior consultant in a nearby office.

After a short lunch, I have a workshop meeting with the project lead for process automation in advance of an important update on progress to the Executive board the next week. The project owner has been working on the business case for a new technology which can help free our staff up to take on more client facing, value adding and interesting work, rather than the usual routine tasks which a computer program can do. We need to ensure that key messages in our update are clear and well made, so that the Executive team understand the implications of this proposal and can fully support us in taking this to our global management in Paris. Cup of coffee.

Confirm some remaining issues with various people around the office, and have my fortnightly call with the global Social Collaboration and Knowledge Management team -if they’ve missed something out for Atos UK&I, I'll need to remind them to correct it.

Check emails, update my to-do list and mentally prepare myself for meetings. Plan what I’m going to do tomorrow morning and accept or decline any meeting requests. It’s been a productive, caffeinated day!

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