For the full story about the Atos graduate journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Adam
University: Loughborough
Degree: Information Technology Management for Business
Job title: Graduate Project Manager

My background:

Whilst at university, I enjoyed a guest lecture delivered by an Atos Project Manager – a company I had heard very little about. After the lecture I spent a considerable amount of time quizzing the Atos employee about the company in general, his role, and the required project management skill set. I had experienced many of the skills he outlined in my degree and placement year and I knew a lot more of Atos’s clients than I had expected. With the positive picture he had painted and my interest in the constantly changing digital environment, I decided to apply online for the Grad scheme.

Since starting with Atos each day has been different, from working at a client site to being at my base location or working from home. Wherever you are working as a graduate within the company, you are always given responsibility from the outset: I picked up my laptop on day one and was sat at the client’s office on day three.

As well as project work, Atos has allowed me to get involved in both business unit initiatives and service improvements, as well as take a lead on graduate initiatives aimed at constantly improving the recruitment process and grad scheme for new recruits.

My job summed up:

I’m a technical project manager, which means managing projects for clients to whom Atos provide the IT systems. I’m currently working on three projects for one public sector client at the moment. The client relies solely on the IT we provide for them, so it’s a lot of responsibility! There is constant support available and on-the-job training, as well as classroom based activities to ensure you have all the tools required to successfully do your job. However a year in, I am considered a Project Manager, not a graduate.

A day in my life:

Whether working from home or in the office, I generally fire up my laptop and open Outlook straight away to check my emails. On the account I am currently working, we have a lot of evening activities taking place such as server migrations or technical change to the live environment. I often catch up with the account’s service desk to ensure no issues have been raised following these changes, and make sure my project team are happy with the evening’s work.

Once I am confident there has been no negative impact following the evening’s activities, I catch up with all three of my project teams to ensure there are no issues or blockers preventing them from proceeding with the day’s activities. If I am in the office working alongside them, I speak to them face to face; however, as many teams are globally distributed, this is often by conference call. I also have a regular checkpoint with the client where I advise them of any successful changes and upcoming activities.

I am involved in Loughborough University campus team to support Atos graduate recruitment, so we have a catch-up call to ensure upcoming event planning is coming along smoothly.

Following this call there is an All Hands Call for my business unit. I attend this call to gain oversight in what is occurring within the business, as well as listening to success stories and lessons learned across the business over the past month.

I use a free hour to update my project plan, ensure upcoming changes have resources allocated, and raise resource requests if required. I also ensure Change Requests for future activities are submitted to our Change Acceptance Board ready for representation by my Technical Architect at 16:00. I hold a briefing meeting with the Technical Architect and Service Manager to ensure we are all aligned prior to CAB. Once approved, I update the team and log-off for the evening.

1700 till late…
In the evening, if there are no out of hours changes taking place, if I am working away I like to grab a bite to eat and catch up with other colleagues staying in the same hotel. If I am at home I like to play hockey, squash and occasionally watch live music.

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