Start your digital career with easy access to London life – without the hectic travel

Why Guildford?

Within commutable distance of London, Guildford town centre offers a range of activities to entertain anyone. There’s a large leisure centre located a couple of miles from the office, or a gym 5 minutes’ walk away. There’s also a green park where you can play cricket, and lots of boating clubs along the river. It’s easy to get into London and meet friends for drinks after work. It’s perfectly located to be able to dip in and out of “London life” without the hassle of traveling during commuter hours. Guildford also offers a really good night out, as does Woking – which is close by if you fancy a change of scenery. There are plenty of clubs – with everything from mainstream to alternative.

Where is Guildford?

Guildford is in the South East of England, located between London and the South coast.

Are there any other grads working from this office?

Guildford is a great place to work as it’s fairly small, around 60 people, and so everyone knows each other in the office quite well. There are a few grads in the office, and they tend to mix with each other, as well as their own teams, and of course catch up with all the other grads through the various events we organise as a grad community

Is it easy to travel and park?

Parking is quite limited in the car park so people tend to cycle or walk in, and taking the train is also possible as it takes around 20 minutes to walk. The office is a mile and a half away from the town centre, next to cathedral industrial estate, just off the A3, so really easy to get to by public transport.

If I move to the area, where are the best places to live?

Guildford is a very nice place to live and one popular area for people based at this office is The Golden Triangle due to its great mix of people and friendly community feel. There are also a number of other areas nearby

What are the options for lunch?

It’s only a 5 minute cycle into town, where there loads of options for lunch. Alternatively, there’s a kitchen in the office if you’d rather bring and prepare your own food.

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