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Our Diversity Networks


As a global business, our people come from a broad spectrum of genders, sexualities, ages, ethnicities and lifestyles, and our goal is to provide them with equal opportunities and an inclusive working culture.

Our diversity networks support that goal by recognising, developing and raising awareness for diversity in the workplace.

* Atos Pride: Established to support the LGBT community, Atos Pride is open to everyone, and acts as a Stonewall Diversity Champion.

* Atos Aspire: Promoting gender equality and diversity among our people, Aspire encourages an inclusive culture for everyone to reach their full potential.

* Atos Adapt: Our ability network is all about thinking differently about disability. Supporting our people with disabilities as well as carers, Atos Adapt is a proud parent of the Business Disability Forum.

* Aeon: Our multi-generational network, Aeon brings together our employees of all ages, promoting personal and professional growth.

* Armed Forces Network: We’re a proud supporter of the Armed forces, and it shows – our Ex-Military and Reservists Network works closely with the Careers Transition Partnership, and recently won an Armed Forces Covenant silver award.

* Together Network: Spanning 72 countries, our people come from a diverse range of cultures. Our Together Network is dedicated to bringing people together from all walks of life, and importantly: having fun!  

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