Campus Recruitment

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Campus Recruitment

Our graduates join our university campus teams – using their knowledge of their university, the campus environment and their connections, to create activities to raise awareness of graduate opportunities at Atos. Each team has its own budget and takes full responsibility for their events, so it’s a great way to develop new skills, revisit universities and tell students what life is really like at Atos.

“Our campus team decided to run one big event at Loughborough University, to spread the word about Atos and talk to students about graduate and intern opportunities. We decided to host a Wii Olympic sports competition because of the university’s keen interest in sport – and of course Atos’ involvement in the Olympic Games! The objective was to get as many students to play the game as possible, with the incentive of retail vouchers for the fastest times. While they waited to participate, we chatted about how exciting it is to work here. It was great fun, we received lots of interest and created a real buzz around the campus.”

Katie, HR graduate

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