Project Management

Project Management will give you invaluable experience in different project environments for diverse clients across a range of sectors.

What you’ll be doing

Among similar organisations, we are one of the only businesses to offer a graduate scheme dedicated to training Project Managers. This scheme will give you exposure to a variety of sectors, clients and projects within an extremely fast-paced environment, enabling you to gain the skills to progress into senior management.

We aim to give you valuable project experience during your 18-month programme, with each learning curve lasting between four and six months. You will start in the Programme Management Office (PMO), which will introduce you to the fundamentals of project governance and support. During your final six months on the scheme, you will be mentored whilst operating as a junior project manager. This will give you invaluable experience in different project environments for diverse clients across a range of sectors.

Along the way, you will gain an understanding of project management lifecycles, processes and methodologies, supported by industry recognised qualifications. To this end, you will shadow current project teams to understand their thinking and actions and lead discrete projects to demonstrate your learning. These projects could focus on different areas across a wide range of technical disciplines, and will stretch both your business and technical aptitude to the full. In return, we will expect you to develop expertise in all aspects of risk, issue and document management, financial control and planning, and to take full responsibility for the delivery of project elements.

Why apply?

Almost from your first day, you will enjoy considerable visibility in front of clients, utilising your communication skills to the full, and you can expect extensive travel. In addition, you will also be sponsored to complete a University accredited Postgraduate course in Project and Programme Management, leading to certification by the Association of Project Management (APM).

Essential skills

A broad understanding of the concepts of project management is needed, which may have been gained through academic study, work experience or self-study. Industrial placements or related work-experience would be a definite advantage. Strong interpersonal skills are very important. We are looking for people who will be “up and running” as junior project managers within 2 years, so require disciplined and organised self-starters, strong communication skills, good analytical and problem solving skills as well as leadership potential.

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