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Atos' Finance group is responsible for the financial control and reporting of the company’s UK activities. The group is focused on managing the fundamental challenges of today’s finance activities – delivering an efficient and effective finance function and driving business performance for business benefit. The remit covers the full range of finance activities including financial accounting and reporting, tax, treasury and accounts payable and commercial finance. 

Property and Facilities Management

The Property and Facilities Management team manages Atos' extensive property portfolio that includes more than 30 major office locations across the UK. The group also manages the provision of services within these locations. 


The Marketing team supports the strategic direction of the UK business and is responsible for all market-facing communications activity. This translates into three main functions: supporting business development; supporting key accounts; and positioning and protecting the integrity of the Atos brand across a range of internal and external communications media.   

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety group provides information, instruction, training and supervision. The team manages risk in the workplace and ensures that Atos is compliant with all current legislation.  

Legal Affairs

The UK Legal Affairs department provides a broad service in support of Atos' business operations in the UK. This includes areas such as disputes and litigations, compliance, contract support, employment law and training.

Atos' lawyers also work on the contract and legal aspects of new business proposals for new business and work with the Procurement and Purchasing teams to establish appropriate terms and conditions with our suppliers. 

Human Resources

Atos' Human Resources (HR) function is at the heart of the company's business strategy. Because we recognise that our competitive advantage lies in our people, their innovation and determination, the HR function is committed to attract, develop and retain the best people. By encouraging talent, the company can continue to meet market challenges and deliver on its promise to clients. 

Procurement & Purchasing

Procurement & Purchasing at Atos is managed by an experienced team of strategic buyers and online eMart purchasers dedicated to the provision of a fast, efficient procurement service. 

UK Markets and Accounts

Sales is the public face of Atos. Across strategic sales, strategic account management, solution sales or sales support, we focus on profitable, managed growth. We develop sales intelligence, maintain management information systems, facilitate internal processes and manage resources and sales processes.  

To support business development within the UK, our growth plans will be met by enabling a greater focus on key markets and accounts. 


Atos is focused on five key market sector areas:

  • Health Markets
  • Financial Services Markets
  • Telco and Utilities Markets
  • Travel, Transport & Enterprise Markets incorporating existing Transport Accounts
  • UK Government Markets


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