Atos Consulting helps clients deliver innovation to their customers and improve cost and effectiveness by leveraging Information Technologies.


With over 1,500 experts we provide advisory services and expertise so that our clients keep control of their processes and projects, can customise as much as required by directly managing the resources provided, and keep ownership of their assets and systems. Our five practices: Business Performance Improvement, IT Strategy and Transformation, Information Governance, Risk and Compliance, Digital Transformation, Digital Technology Unit, offer a range of cost effective transformation and innovative solutions tailored to each industry-sector.


  • Business Performance Improvement - help clients achieve operational excellence in all their business functions, through improved processes and cost reduction
  • IT Strategy & Transformation - help clients to exploit technology to improve performance, and master technology strategies and operating models
  • Information Governance, Risk and Compliance - help clients to achieve trust & compliance in the digital world, including cyber security and data privacy
  • Digital Transformation - help clients to re-invent their customer experience & digital marketing, re-design their business for digital, become a digital organization, and exploit the power of analytics & data science
  • Digital Technology Unit - “show not tell”, by building digital solutions to solve specific, immediate business challenges

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