Career Directions

Your career at Atos can take a great variety of forms and routes. Our work for clients is divided into a number of areas but that doesn't mean you work in separate worlds.

Working at Atos means intensive communication across disciplines, in projects where expertise overlaps. Borders are there to be crossed, and crossed again.

It's simple. You come to work as who you are: a self-directing person who operates with a high degree of professional autonomy. We do our best to help you thrive, so we can continue to exceed our clients' expectations.


You'll be creating high-level strategic solutions and new thinking on business processes.
Read more about Consulting

Systems Integration

You'll work with our clients to align technology and business strategy, implementing client-specific solutions.
Read more about Systems Integration

Managed Operations

You'll be playing a key, long-term role in managing significant parts of our clients' infrastructure.
Read more about Managed Operations

Support & Sales

You'll be a key partner underpinning our commercial and organisational strategy to benefit the business as a whole.
Read more about Support & Sales

Independent Assessment Services

Staff members include employed clinicians, sessional doctors, advisers, counsellors, operational managers, administrators and support staff.

Read more about Independent Assessment Services


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