There are so many options for school-leavers, it’s difficult to make the best choice. As parents or guardians, we're there to support them in making the right decisions. That’s why we’ve put together some useful information, to help you determine whether an apprenticeship is right for your child’s career.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships provide the perfect combination of employment and training, giving applicants the opportunity to learn and apply skills, which actually matter in the workplace. Our apprentices are permanent employees from day one. They earn a salary and contribute to their teams, along expert colleagues to support them. What’s more, they’ll take real responsibility for their future, and gain industry-recognised qualifications.

What apprenticeship schemes does Atos offer?

We offer both Advanced and Higher Level apprenticeships. Advanced Level (Level 3) apprenticeships take 12-14 months to complete and will result in a qualification that is equivalent to 2 A-Levels. Our Higher Level (Level 4) programme takes 18-24 months to complete, and results in a qualification equivalent to the first year of a degree programme.

What qualifications will apprentices receive?

Whichever route an apprentice takes, they’ll gain relevant City and Guilds or SCQF qualifications. They’ll also receive other qualifications, from partner companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and APM. Once they’ve finished, they’ll be fully qualified professionals, with the experience and confidence to develop a great career, without any student debts.

Does the apprenticeship cost anything?

No, the apprentices will not have to pay anything towards their apprenticeship. From the cost of their training to the books and materials, we’ve got it covered.

Helping your child to succeed

One of the best things you can encourage an applicant to do, is research their options and help them find a route that best complements their skills and aspirations. If they get to know our apprentice website, they’ll be well prepared, and there are plenty of practice tests online.

Obviously you won’t be there to help them on the day, but you might have some useful information to help them revise. Here are some top tips to help them succeed:

  • Research the role and the company they’re applying to
    This will help your child stand out. If they understand what they have applied for, it demonstrates a particular interest and motivation. This may seem time-consuming, but sending out generic applications is unlikely to be successful.
  • Review their application
    They should always look through their application in detail, using a spellchecker. If they can, they should ask someone else to read it as well.
  • Make sure their application demonstrates achievements
    This is not limited to formal qualifications. Are they in a computer club or have they won a school prize? All of these experiences are of interest to Atos and show motivation and capability.
  • Demonstrate transferable skills
    As well as any qualifications your child is studying for, Atos are interested in finding out what transferable skills they have. For example, are they in a school sports team, showing long term commitment and teamwork? Or have they worked in a shop, developing skills in dealing with the public? All of these will be of interest to Atos.
  • Highlight all forms of work experience
    A school leaver may think they don't have a lot of useful work experience. However, for Atos, any form of experience is of interest, whether that's a week’s placement, a paper round, a weekend job in a shop, or voluntary activities. These all help to demonstrate transferable skills.

What our managers have to say

This is genuine feedback from the people who see our apprentices at their best:

“Kieran brings certain qualities to the apprenticeship that have never been seen before in our team. His persona exudes enthusiasm, passion. He’s clearly proved his outstanding talent in our team – excelling in every area of his job and surpassing even our expectations in terms of personal development.” David Hislop – User Application Management (UAM) Academy Lead

“Claire is an outstanding addition to our organisation. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude into a very busy working environment. We are currently experiencing the busiest and most high-profile period in our department’s history. In spite of that Claire has developed her knowledge of the industry to a very high level in a very short time.” Peter Corbally – Training Manager

“He’s adapted extremely well to the workplace demonstrating maturity and professionalism; he brings a fresh perspective to business activities and shows that youth is no barrier to having impact and influence in the workplace.” Paul Omar – Service Delivery Manager

About QA apprenticeships

We work closely with QA Apprenticeships, to deliver world-class apprenticeship programmes for school leavers and job seekers.

QA Apprenticeships are the first Apprenticeship providers to be rated by Ofsted as 'Outstanding' - and have won multiple awards for their apprenticeship training programmes. So applicants can be sure they’ll be trained by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the business.

Explore the QA website for more information

For more information, please visit our FAQ’s page, or call or email the apprenticeship team on 01344 471370 with further queries

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