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Why Nottingham?

Home of the world famous Robin Hood, Nottingham’s compact city centre, pedestrianised streets and tram system make it easy to get around.

Our Atos office is situated in Beeston, a suburb just 3 miles outside Nottingham city centre.

Are there any other apprentices working from this office?

We have a small community of apprentices in Nottingham, and you will be buddied up with someone to help show you around and welcome you when you join us.

Is it easy to travel and park?

There is a free car park onsite and an overflow car park just across the road – the onsite park has reserved spaces only until 10am so it’s usually easier just to use the overflow. The roads nearby are currently very busy in the mornings due to the construction of the new tram line through Beeston – we expect this to continue throughout 2015.

The train station is also over the road from the office, with very frequent services to Nottingham, East Midlands Parkway and beyond. Beeston bus station is around a ten-minute walk, with buses running all day in all directions.

What are the options for lunch?

There are sandwich shops in the business park behind the site and a well-stocked Co-op a few minutes’ walk away. Further afield you’ll find a large Tesco and the town centre, with the usual array of sandwich, coffee and pasty shops. The office itself has a breakout room on each floor with tea, coffee and squash. There are also tables, chairs and vending machines spread around.

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