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Why Durham?

If you’re interested in living and working in Durham, this location is perfect for you. Located close to the city centre, our office is within easy reach of shops, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants.

Are there any other apprentices working from this office?

We have a small community of apprentices in Durham, and you will be buddied up with someone to help show you around and welcome you when you join us.

Is it easy to travel and park?

There is parking onsite and even more ample parking a 5 minute walk away next to the river front. It is located only a few minutes from Durham City Centre and is only a 30 minute drive from both Newcastle and Darlington.

Durham is on the main East Coast train line with frequent local services (5 minute walk) and connections to London and Glasgow.

What are the options for lunch?

There are plenty of options for lunch. Within a 5 minute walk there is a Wetherspoons and the usual chain stores. Within a short walk you have Greggs, Subway, Co-op and a fish & chip shop. There is also a Sainsbury’s and Tesco within easy reach.

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