Our Crewe office offers easy access to Liverpool and Manchester

Why Crewe?

Within commutable distance of Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Liverpool, Crewe has a thriving live music scene, as restaurants. It also has stunning parks including Queen’s Park, a traditional Victorian park, which is being restored to its former glory, as well as the award winning Crewe Lyceum.

Our Crewe office offers easy access to Liverpool and Manchester as well as Stoke on Trent via the nearby M6 motorway.

Are there any other Apprentices working from this office?

We have a small community of apprentices in Crewe, and you will be buddied up with someone to help show you around and welcome you when you join us. 

Is it easy to travel and park?

Parking for the building is limited, so a car park lottery scheme is in place. To enter the lottery you need to drive to the office at least four times a week, and winners get free use of the car park for two months. This system is soon to be replaced by a waiting list system where drivers add their name to the list and wait for their turn to come up.

Aside from parking onsite, you can park at the nearby Crewe Alexandra FC grounds, or you can try to find a space on some of the residential roads close to the office. These tend to fill up fast, though, so get there early.

As its name suggests, the office is directly adjacent to Crewe train station, which is the largest interchange in the north with regular direct services to almost everywhere, including Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Scotland and the South West. The building also has a decent bus service, with regular buses to east, west and south Crewe.

What are the options for lunch?

Rail House has something for everyone when it comes to getting food.

If you fancy a quick meal, there are a few chip shops and kebab houses nearby, as well as a McDonald’s and Domino’s. There is also a KFC a short drive away, as well as Whitney’s (formerly Chatwins), which has an excellent reputation for breakfast butties, sandwiches and cakes and pastries.

If you’d prefer to grab a microwave meal, snacks or a paper, there is a Tesco Express at the nearby petrol station, with a full size Tesco Extra about 15 minutes away.

For those who want to eat out, Giovanni’s is a nice Italian restaurant just a stone’s throw from the building, or if you prefer more traditional pub grub there’s the Brocklebank Brewers Fayre, which is about a 15-minute walk.

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