Service Management

Service Management –  Level 3

Service ManagementIf you’re interested in leading the future of  technology, there’s no better place to start than our Level 3 Service  Management apprenticeship. The 12-18 month programme combines classroom  training with hands on experience, with modules designed to teach you both the  technical and business skills you need to thrive in a long-term service  management career.


This scheme will see you developing and using an  impressive portfolio of knowledge to resolve application and product issues for  our customers. It’s a rare balance of technical prowess, creative problem  solving and relationship building – all skills you’ll put to good use as you  progress your digital career.


What you’ll cover

Everything you’ll learn will aid you in creating  an agile and highly tailored service environment. That will mean building  experience in how to isolate the root-causes of major issues to permanently  resolve them. You’ll also learn how to manage change initiatives to improve  products and processes, all while establishing and maintaining excellent  service levels.


The programme will give you everything you need  to take on a role as a fully-fledged service management expert


Qualifications  you’ll achieve as part of your Service Management Apprenticeship:

  • Level 3 Service Management diploma
  • ITIL Foundation

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