Project Management

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Project Management – Higher Level Scheme

Our Project Management Apprenticeship is shaping the project managers of tomorrow, so you'll gain exposure to and support the management of key projects, from start to finish. You’ll also enjoy the guidance and training you need to quickly develop into a confident and capable professional – ready to plan, analyse and execute successfully.

We teach and assess these skills to an industry standard, while ensuring you're able to apply them on the job:

  • Business Case
  • Project Scope
  • Planning and analysis
  • Finance, risk and resource management
  • Stakeholder communications

Our scheme offers a unique blend of learning and putting your skills to the test -– so you’ll spend time both training, and on the job, cementing your new skills to memory. During your 18- 24 month programme, you’ll build a diverse portfolio of skills and competencies, so you’ll be ready to make a real contribution to any project management team.

Apprentice Project Manager, London and Telford

As an Apprentice Project Manager, you’ll take on a wide variety of responsibilities, supporting key project and programme progress meetings. You’ll learn core processes including management of risks and issues, as well as document and financial management. Overseeing effective reporting, and taking responsibility for the delivery of elements of key projects, you'll be supporting project managers to resolve any issues. This scheme will give you the skills you need to take your project management career further.

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