For the full story about the Atos apprentice journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Shauna
Atos start date: 2015
Scheme: Level 3, Customer Service

My job summed up:


In the Customer Service team, I work with customers to book appointments, responding to general queries and providing any information they require. In addition, we process expenses and deal with various other administration tasks. Our job is to ensure we provide a quality service that meets the needs of our customers. The role is exciting and interesting, as it includes speaking with various different people daily, which means no two days are the same. Each person brings different queries and needs, resulting in new obstacles to be resolved. I am constantly learning new processes and using different programmes every day.

What impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?

Since joining Atos, I have helped customers with very complex and difficult needs, and created solutions to their problems. This has enabled me to feel like I have had a positive impact due to the great feedback I have received. Being an apprentice is great, as you are able to use your skills and learn on the job.

What have you learned since starting you’re apprenticeship?

I have improved my skills immensely. I am now much more familiar with different IT programmes and using them in an effective way. Also, I am able to communicate with enhanced confidence and in a professional way. My team skills have also advanced massively, developing on the job and also from the apprentice induction week which was hugely beneficial in the transition into the company. Working with Atos, you feel supported in your apprenticeship and are assisted in all aspects of your work, including having a ‘buddy’ who can help with any problems and issues that arise. The buddies have all been through the scheme so can provide a great insight on what to expect and give great advice.

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