For the full story about the Atos apprentice journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.

Name: Laura
Atos start date: 2014
Scheme: Level 3, Systems & Networking

My job summed up:


UAM is built up of a very technical team, this means expectations of me are high and I’m required to perform to the best of my ability. Since starting here at Atos I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with client projects and I am working my way towards being an application packager. Being a part of a large company like Atos is great because I always have something to work towards within the job role and is the main reason why I chose an apprenticeship over University. I think that undertaking an apprenticeship is a good career path to take and especially in an organisation such as Atos which is such a prestigious company which is very established within the IT industry, where I have the opportunity to progress further within the company whilst gaining qualifications.

What Impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?

I joined the apprenticeship because I wanted a challenge in something that will test my abilities on a daily basis. My skills and knowledge base have extended greatly since I have been working at Atos due to the support from the rest of the team. Recently we have been trusted with client work which involves liaising with the client to see what their requirements are for an application and whether this is feasible. This has given me a lot more confidence and is very rewarding and motivating to be trusted with client work. I believe that I have the capability to become a great contributor to the team.

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

Since joining the apprenticeship within the UAM team I have my technical understanding has excelled massively in such a short period of time. When I first started I had just A-Level knowledge of IT and that couldn’t compare to the technicality of the job, my IT skills have rapidly advanced since working here and continue to gain knowledge in one of the most complex IT careers. I think that’s why this apprenticeship was such a good opportunity as this is a job role that someone with a lot of experience of working within the industry would need to enter our team, however the UAM academy has given young people the chance to work their way up to being a successful application packager.

I’m also involved in the national Brathay Apprentice Challenge this year, through the Brathay Trust charity. We’ve been visiting local schools to tell them about what it’s like to be an Apprentice; we’ve been involved in a local church restoration project, as well as visiting a local care home for the elderly to teach them IT Skills. It’s been great fun and is giving me a great opportunity to develop a range of new skills through Atos involvement in the challenge.

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