Lean and Six Sigma in IT White paper

Lean and Six Sigma in IT - White Paper

Lean and Sigma in IT – Applying Process Improvement Best Practices in IT Organisations

Is your IT fit for purpose?

There is a crisis of confidence in the IT.  Demand is increasing from all directions – investors, the Exec, customers and employees all want digital leadership, and yet  many IT functions have reducing budgets, are struggling to attract the right skills, and anchored with legacy IT and inflexible outsourced contracts.  The big challenge for operational IT is to deliver against this contradiction. Traditional calls to ‘work smarter’ or ‘run faster’ are not enough. We need to rethink how IT is organised and operates. Lean and Six Sigma can help to support this step-change.

Is your IT function congested?

The organisation is full of cases and projects that never stop and that keep asking for attention. No wonder that a fresh question from the business that requires some time, thinking and innovation, is answered with “excuse me; I really don’t have time for that”.  We identify the 9 main reasons for congestion and propose actions to free up the IT organisation to run at “digital speed”.

Approaches that Work

Atos use Lean Six Sigma with our clients and on ourselves. We really try to “practice what we preach” or “do what we say”. Like our clients, we are constantly challenged by our customers on demonstrating better value for money and more innovation: we depend on our skills in applying Lean Six Sigma and being able to measure the IT performance benefit to their businesses in how we successfully respond to their increasing demands

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Cameron Orr
Principal Business Performance Consultant

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