Retail & the Digitally Discerning Consumer

How digital services can revitalise the high street.

51% believe they would be
more likely
to become a repeat customer
of an organisation that offers
an innovative digital service.

Atos commissioned independent research to understand how consumers feel about the digital services offered to them currently and what they would like to see from them in the future.

45.8% of respondents rated their digital experiences with traditional retail as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. Compare this with 69.1% of people who feel the same about online retail – how can traditional retail close the gap?

It seems that traditional retail needs streamlining, as 43% want a simpler, cleaner experience from the digital services provided by traditional retail.

Demanding Digital in Retail

The demand is there

Over half of respondents (52.4%) were willing to try a digital service from a traditional retailer.

Looking to the future

Over half of the consumers surveyed (51%) expect to see the emergence of virtual reality shops that are completely tailored to their shopping preferences within five years.

Keep it consistent

55% of consumers feel that “different digital services don’t always work together as well as they should, even when they’re from the same organisation.”

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